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Our Reviews From Our Parties!

Below are just some of the reviews we've received from our wonderful customers!

Moana was Fabulous! She is the real deal!

Moana was fabulous! All the kids at the party loved her so much. She is the real deal! If you need any pictures or videos let me know. I'd be happy to send them to you. My girls are in love with her!

"She looked more realistic than the Anna we saw at Disneyland!"

"We had such a great experience having Princess Anna come to my 4 year old daughter's birthday party. She was kind and patient with a large group of 3-4 yeear old girls. The activities she had for them really held their attention and they adsolutely loved her. She looked more realistic than the Anna we saw at Disneyland!"

"Worth every penny!"

"Anna and Elsa were both so equally sweet, beautiful and talented! I really loved how they interacted with each other as well as entertaining 13 little girls! It was like they stepped straight out of the movie! My 5 year old is still bouncing off the walls with happiness! Worth every penny!"

"Ariel was perfect!!!"

"Thanks so much for the wonderful experience. My daughter and her friends had the best time and loved every minute of the hour Ariel was with us. Thanks for making her 6th birthday so much fun!"

"Best birthday party money I have ever spent!"

"We had such a great day with Cinderella! She was fantastic. So cute with the girls and really does resemble Cinderella. Even my dad was impressed. I loved how good she was with the little kids and how she kept them engaged the whole time she was there. My daughter was in heaven! She wants to be Cinderella now! :-) Thank you so much for such a great experience. Best birthday party money I have ever spent!
Sharlie & Rawzyn

"My daughters loved having Belle surprise them for their birthday party."

"I just wanted to say thank you so much! My daughters loved having Belle surprise them for their birthday party. She did a wonderful job and all of the guests were so impressed. It was a wonderful party and I couldn't have done it without your help!"

"Thank you Rapunzel for making our daughter's 5th birthday absolutely magical!"

"Thank you Rapunzel for making our daughter's 5th birthday absolutely magical! You are beautiful and so sweet. I've Never seen 12 little girls so awe-struck as when you came through the door. You handled the games, the crafts, the stories, the singing... heck all we did was make the cake! The rest of the party was all you and what a great experience"

"I would do it again in a heartbeat!"

"I had a "Princess Party by Natalie" with 3 of the princesses! We had over 50 little girls there and they were mesmorized! The princesses were so darling with all the girls and made them all feel special. They were organized, professional and so sweet. It was so fun! And to say that after having over 50 girls at your house is pretty astounding, I would do it again in a heartbeat! I LOVED IT and more importantly my daughters & their friends LOVED IT!"

Definitely Beats Disneyland Princesses!

"My wife loves to plan parties, but she had no idea what to do for our fourth child’s birthday party. We have been to the Disney parks one too many times but this investment easily outweighs the hours spent waiting in line to get a picture with a princess. Thank you for offering such a variety of princesses and heroes at an affordable price. We will be booking again.
–Russ K

Real Princesses!

"As a grandmother, the idea of a princess birthday party seemed a little over the top…until I experienced it myself! The princesses tailored the party to the ages of the birthday guests and were adorable with the little children, answering ALL of their questions. As a grandmother, my favorite was, “Why do you look older than in the movie?”  I will recommend Princess Parties by Natalie to all of my friends (both mothers and grandmothers) who want to celebrate while making memories with their children or grandchildren. The princesses demeanor and authentic costumes were the icing on the cake!"
-Carol S.

Aweome Experience!

"How many kids can say they have seen Anna and Elsa walk down their street? My friend needed help with her daughter’s 3rd birthday party. It was pure joy to see the eyes of 12 children ages 2-5 light up as they rushed to the front door to greet the princesses. I have never been to a princess party and am now going to do one for my own little girl. I love how the latest princesses are offered too!"
–Mandy B.

I used Princess Parties by Natalie for my daughter's birthday and Belle was incredible! Not only did she look just like her, she was amazing with the kids, talented and took time with each of them. She made balloon animals for all of the girls and made sure she had time for all of them. She took pictures with them all and signed autographs. She even crowned my daughter princess at the beginning of the party. Everyone loved it! We have also been to friends' parties with Natalie's princesses and the rest are all just as great as Belle. I was very impressed with the quality, talent, and look of the princesses. They look the part AND act the part. They stay in character and are so good with the kids. Natalie was so sweet and kind and easy to work with. I will definitely be using her again and recommend her to anyone looking for princesses! I love that she also gives back in our community by participating in community events that are free to families. She's the best!
-Alicia K.

I would definitely recommend Princess Parties by Natalie to anyone! We had Anna and Elsa come to our daughter's birthday and it was the best party ever. The princesses did ALL the work. They were so good with the girls and stayed in character the whole time. They played games, read stories, and painted the girls' faces. They even took the time to pose with each of the girls for cute pictures. Definitely the best princesses around.
-Danny W.

I would highly recommend using Princess Parties by Natalie! We had Anna and Elsa come to my daughter's party and it was fabulous! The best part was being able to just sit back and watch the magic. All the girls loved the princesses! They were both so cute with each and every girl. The girls ate up everything they said and did. They were SO true to character in all they did. The girls asked them a myriad of questions and they had cute answers to each one. We had the princesses paint the faces of all the birthday girls. I was so impressed at their artistic ability. The girls were able to choose what they wanted painted on their faces. It wasn't a situation where they gave them one or two choices to pick from. One thing I love about the princesses and characters through Natalie is that they are highly accomplished young people. They have amazing backgrounds and training that make them perfect for this job. She doesn't just pick them just because they resemble a certain character, but because their talents qualify them for the job. Working with Natalie was great! She was so flexible and willing to go out of her way to make it work for me and my daughter. The other great thing about Natalie's company is that you get more than you pay for. She is one of the least expensive options, but it feels like you got the royal treatment every time. The party we had was one that my daughter and her friends will never forget! I can't wait to use Natalie again for future parties.
-Kristi L.

We loved using Princess Parties by Natalie! So many positives about this company. The party was so easy because the princesses did all the entertaining, Natalie was easy to schedule with, the princesses were professional, entertaining, kind, and punctual. If you are looking for a good princess party, you won't be disappointed with this company.
-Chaysie C

I have used this company several times for my 3 girls and never hesitate suggesting them to my friends and family! They are darling, talented girls that mesmerize the get so much for the affordable prices!
-Jen P.

We had Princess Aurora come for my daughter's 3rd birthday party, it was so amazing! The little girls loved her! The princess read a story, sang a beautiful song, did a little coronation and gave my daughter a crown. Then all the girls took a picture with her and got to spend some special time with the princess. Princess Aurora was so sweet with all the little girls, they were in heaven. Most important, she made my daughter feel so special, it was a magical little birthday for her.
-Kristina W.

We had such a wonderful experience with Princess Parties by Natalie. Natalie was so easy to work with. After our first phone call I knew she would do everything on her end to make sure my little girl's party was perfect. And it was. We had Elsa and Anna come to our party, and it was fabulous. The thing I loved the most was I didn't have to plan anything. We had cupcakes and party favors, but everything else, for the entire HOUR, was put on by the princesses. They were so sweet with all the little girls there. They sang songs (which, by the way, all the princesses have had vocal training--total bonus), read stories, did face painting, and took time to answer every. single. girls. questions. We had over a dozen girls there. That's a lot of questions! They were patient and professional, but also fun and engaging. My little girl talked about that party for months! She actually still has the tiara that Elsa gave her. I would definitely recommend Princess Parties by Natalie.
-Janessa B.

Ana and Elsa made my daughters 4th birthday party so amazing! All the little girls were so star struck & Ana & Elsa were great with them all. Elsa was super interactive with the birthday girl. She was better than the Elsa's I've seen at Disneyland. She also had an amazing voice! Overall I was very pleased with our experience. The only minor thing i could be nit-picky about was the characters showing up 6-7 minutes late, but it wasn't that big of a deal and they stayed longer to make up for it. They were very professional and I was very pleased!
-Kristin K of South Jordan

Mandy was fantastic as Rapunzel! She arrived on time, never seemed rushed and was so patient and engaging with the kids. My daughter had a fantastic experience and we would totally use them again. Natalie and Mandy were also very accommodating when I needed a last minute change of plans. Thanks so much! My daughter has been telling everyone she sees about how the real Rapunzel came to her house, so the costumes are great too.
-Kristen D. of Murray

I randomly found this company through a Google search and was so glad I chose them! Elsa was so beautiful and so darling! The kids couldn't take their eyes off of her. She sang songs and played games, and she payed extra attention to the birthday girl. I would absolutely recommend this company, especially if you get this Elsa!
-Claire T. of  SLC

We had THE BEST experience with Anna (Aubrey) yesterday. She was ADORABLE. She was beyond my expectations. She sang like her and acted like her... She sang, read books, danced, took pictures, and interacted with each and every child. Even when a kid would interrupt her...she would respond so cute and not even let it bother her. It brought tears to our eyes to see just how excited and in love those kids were with her. I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better!
-Stephanie B.

I have had three different parties using Princess Parties by Natalie. My girls and I have loved each party so much we keep coming back! We've had Ariel, Elsa and Ana and Moana. Each of them has done a wonderful job. They were prompt, happy, professional, looked the part and made my girls feel special and so happy. They did a great job entertaining all of the children (boys and girls). The singing was especially captivating. Each time Natalie and the princess listened carefully to my special requests (like making sure the birthday girl's sister was also included). Easiest parties I've ever done! I'd highly recommend them and will surely use them myself again in the future.
-Katie M.

Our experience with Princess parties by Natalie was perfect! We had a frozen party for my daughter's 4th birthday. She had so much fun and felt like a true princess. All her friends loved Elsa and Anna! They sang and danced with the girls and did a fantastic job in their character. There were fun games and the face painting was the best part. I have recommended Princess Parties by Natalie to my friends.
-Stephanie D

We were so impressed with our daughter's princess party that we called Natalie the next year and booked again. Now our youngest daughter is in on the action too and we've had 4 princess parties and each have been amazing. It's the easiest, best party in town!
-Paul C. North Salt Lake

"Princess by Natalie" was by far the best decision I made for my daughters bday party! She would not leave Elsa's side..both Natalie and the princess were super friendly. Definitely recommending them to by family and friends. Thank you guys for the amazing time and making my princess's party.
-Christina G.


We had Tinkerbell come to my daughter's 3rd birthday party. Tinkerbell was amazing with the kids, they just loved her. She has an amazing voice and can sing princess songs very well. She did face painting and brought crowns to help them decorate. She also took pictures with all the kids. My family and friends complimented on how amazing and fun Tinkerbell was. Thank you Tinkerbell (Savannah) and Princess Parties by Natalie. I would definitely recommend and use them again. -

-Chad Pearson

This company is so fantastic and professional. Their princesses are top notch, age appropriate and have amazing costumes. We had sleeping beauty for our party and she handled 10 Children very well and was extremely kind. We also had some special needs adults attend the party and she was gracious and attentive to them as well. It was a very good experience and super easy. The princess spent an entire hour entertaining the 10 toddlers with fun games, songs, and face painting ! Highly recommend

-Britt Christensen

Natalie was extremely easy to work with, was friendly and very organized. We had Princess Belle today for my daughter's birthday and she was amazing. She kept the girls' attention with multiple activities, she sang princess songs to them and even taught them how to be a princess. This was the easiest party I have ever planned. Thank you!

-Andrea Ahyou


Hired princess Belle for my daughters 3rd Birthday party. Belle arrived on time and was amazing with the kids throughout the party. She even helped us with singing Happy Birthday and opening gifts. She was very accommodating to all the kids elaborate ballon twisting request. Wound highly recommend this company.

-Kallee R.

My 5 year old had a Rapunzel party last month for her birthday. We had close to 30 kids there! Rapunzel was AMAZING. There were so many kids (and adults) and lots to distract the kiddos, but she was fantastic. She did the coronation for the birthday girl, sang several songs (beautifully), read her story, signed autographs, gave them pretty many things! I had activities for the kids to do as well so she joined them to do that. She was just so sweet and was really patient with the many children we had there. I am so sad that we're moving out of state this month. I just discovered Parties By Natalie so I am bummed that I won't be able to invite princesses to our future parties. But I will recommend it to everyone!

-Jenna Clark

Elsa visited our party and was fabulous!! Everyone loved her. Elsa was beautiful and played her part perfectly. Elsa kept the party rolling and made little work for me to do. She had fun activities for the children to do, which they all enjoyed. 


Natalie was amazing & easy to work with!! Spiderman and Captain America were so Awesome!!! The kids are still talking about it a week later!


Best company ever!!! i just did my daughters 2nd birthday party, and even though it was pouring and there was a little storm, they still managed to attend and be there on time! They made my daughters bday unbelievable that i even wanted to cry! I had people tell me they looked so pretty just like if they were from Disney land. They do everything you ask them to do! I would so recommend her characters! i used Princess Sofia the first and Elena of Avalor they are pretty good face painters!

-Eva Mercado

We had a Moana birthday theme party for my 3 year old and I wanted to make it magical as it could be. I decided to google search "character for hire" and after going down the list I decided to go with Princess Parties by Natalie and boy was I blown away by the professionalism of Natalie and her prompt response to my request.  

On the day of the event Moana called my daughter to wish her a Happy Birthday and my daughter was blown away with happiness. Later that evening Moana showed up on time with her ukulele. It was a surprise no one expected! Moana was phenomenal beyond my expectations. She took the time to great every child and with her beautiful smile there after she started to sing and wow!

I highly recommend Princess Parties by Natalie she is a true professional and Moana is just like the character.  

Thank you Natalie for the awesome experience, looking forward in booking many more with you!

-Maritza Ordonez

This was even better than I could have ever imagined!

Today's party was amazing and will be in our memories for a very long time.  This was even better than I could have ever imagined!  The phone call to my birthday girl turning 4 was priceless.  All she talked about until the party was about Moana' s phone call and couldn't believe she knew her name and phone number.  We had Moana' s visit to the party a surprise and the look on her face was absolutely priceless.  Mikayla (who played Moana) was absolutely amazing and played the part perfectly.  She sang songs while playing the ukulele, retold her story using pictures from a book, taught them hula dance moves, painted faces, took pictures.  She took the time to pay special attention to the birthday girl to make her feel extra special.  This party was disney level performance and some of the best money we have spent.  We will definitely be booking another one for our other daughter.  Thank you Princess Parties by Natalie.  And a special thank you to Mikayla for making her birthday one she will always remember.